May 25 – Beginning of Memorial Day weekend.  Hospital has gotten much quieter – staff and visitors both seem to be scarcer. R had her liver biopsy today.  Took several core samples.  Results will not be known for several days.  Dr. Hufflepuff (another name for a doctor that we have made up) said, however, that if results are obtained even during the weekend, he will let us know.  More balancing of medications.  Each day they up R’s Coumadin in order to get her to a ‘normal’ status, we were told.  Several other meds have been adjusted and her trembling has subsided.  (Dr. Hufflepuff tells that her trembling has very little to do with her heart condition. Rather, it is – for some people – a sign of aging.  Several of the meds she has been on has reduced her trembling over the years.  When taken off of them, the trembling really came back with a vengeance in the past two weeks.  Anyway, the cocktail she is on now seems to be helping by reducing the trembling.)  The weekend looks like movies (she now has a portable DVD player), some visits, talking and napping, and walking up and down the halls to keep her strength.  Oh, and probably more turkey, roast beef, or fish.  Still good times and bad times.  Day at a time. 

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