I need you all more now than I have ever needed anyone. Please pray for my family that we will be strong through this trying time. My mother lost her battle with this life earlier today. My aunt called me around 5:20 and she got a call from the hospital around 5:00 p.m. My mom woke up this morning very sick so the nursing home sent her to the hospital by ambulance. They were going to get her stable enough to transfer her to the hospital where her normal doctors are. Before they could get her there, she passed away. This lady lived a great life and she blessed us all with her kind heart and her giving, lively spirit. The girls are having a hard time and I can’t lie, I am not doing so well either. I thought I would be stronger, but my mom is gone. I can no longer go home and laugh with her, take her out to her favorite places, have her come with us to our business meetings, bring her up for weddings and other celebrations. She will have to celebrate with us from on high. I know she is with God standing at His right hand. I just know it. She hung in there as long as her feeble heart could hold her. My aunt just called me again and told me that she hung on long enough to see me. When I told her I was coming home, she glowed and she was so excited. We held a business meeting in Albany while we were home and she attended. Nothing could stop my mom. She was a go-getter!!! I love her and I miss her more than you can imagine. Just knowing that my phone won’t be ringing any more on Saturday morning with her voice on the other end breaks my heart. Every time the phone would ring, I would tell whoever was here ‘that’s my momma!’ So, with all that please pray for me, the girls, and my family that we will move forward knowing that my momma lived a great life. She never worried about anything in this life and I take great joy in knowing that she lived this life as a true Christian woman. I love you momma!!!

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