just downloaded the new radiohead album, in rainbow, off of their website.  simple.  quick.  easy.  some say this way of doing business for major bands may change the whole industry.  i am skeptical but it is pretty cool.  i paid 5 british pounds…about 10 dollars.  the thing is, a person orders the album, picks their price (yep, that is the deal!) and then downloads.  i am on the fourth song on the download.  seems a bit more mellow than some older stuff.  thom sounds good.  ten songs.  about 50meg of data to download.  what is also cool about this is that there is no drm on the music.  i bought it…i own it and can do whatever i want to do with it that is legal.  i can put it on any player or computer device that i own.  good deal.  visit www.radiohead.com.

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