Humble Oil and Refining Co.’s icebreaking tanker, the SS Manhattan, and the Canadian Ministry of Transport’s newest icebreaker, the Loius S. St. Laurant, crunch through the snow covered ice of northern Baffin Bay on May 22, 1970. The Manhattan is completing its second Arctic voyage to collect data for use in determining the economic feasability of transporting Alaskan crude oil through the ice-covered Northwest Passage to the U.S. East Coast. Arctic ice coverage has receded to record lows, the European Space Agency said, raising the prospect of greater maritime traffic through the long-sought waterway known as the Northwest Passage. Satellite images released in September 2007 showed Arctic ice cover fell to the lowest level since scientists started collecting such information in 1978, according to a statement on Paris-based ESA’s Web site Saturday, Sept. 15, 2007. (AP Photo)

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