yes, we made it to RFK in spite of very heavy traffic and in spite of rain forecasts (it did rain during the game but we were under cover so no problem) and in spite of crazy fans.  beckham did show up…it was awesome.  he did play for about 20 minutes and did some good passing for his mates.  people did acknowledge him with shouts, clapping, and standing up.  every time he moved or stretched or tied his shoes, fans would go mad.  no kidding…he must have gone through five shirts during the game.  he is known for taking his shirt off (he is quite handsome to the ladies, I am told) and giving it to others.  well, he did so.  interestingly, someone was always there to give him another shirt.  hehe.  it was fun with cheryl, dave, megan (the young fanatic!), regina, laurie, and nick.  lots of laughs and friendship.  a very warm and muggy evening but everyone was not worrying about it…loud, chants, horns, camera flashes every time david moved or breathed (like at a film opening night or when some famous person arrives or something like that).  oddly, the camera phone photos would not post real-time so the photos below were uploaded on fri morning.  nick’s photos would not post from his camera phone, either.  hmmm.  so, a few hours late but you get the idea.  well worth the wait. 

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