i have read “the divine conspiracy” by dallas willard before.  though being published almost ten years ago (in 1998), the book continues to ring and influence much contemporary writing and teaching.  it is a challenging book to read (thus, the official study guide!) and, with much intention when reading, can change one’s view of Jesus and his role as a messiah in this broken world.  anyway, i have begun the journey again but this time by listening to the book on my ipod.  the unabridged audio version of the book can be obtained at Christian Audio as “the divine conspiracy” for, in my case and formatted as downloadable mp3, about $32.  it loaded easily to my ipod as 15 files (of about 33mb apiece) using itunes.  the entire book will be read in a little over 30 hours.  each individual file is about 1-2 hours long (which makes it perfect for my commute time).  even with only a few hours under by belt, listening to the book is revealing to me information and ideas that i didn’t pick up when reading it (along with the study guide).  i look forward to the 30 hours spent with this book.  i recommend this book and i also recommend the audio version of this book.

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