all within about 24 hours, three individuals have died who had some part, albeit small, in my formative years.  bill walsh, former coach of the amazing san francisco 49ers, died.  love them or hate them, the 49ers were a class act and walsh was a coach of integrity, honesty, and brute force.  his teams, at their peak, could and would dominate any other nfl team.  died of leukemia.  ingmar bergman was a foreign director of films.  his film types were not for everyone but i enjoyed them even with subtitles.  his films were complicated, painfully funny at times, and bordered on art.  with bergman, i also followed and enjoyed much of the work of liv ullman.  and finally, tom snyder died of leukemia.  the cigarette smoking icon of very late night television in the 70s and beyond was someone who my friends and i would stay up late at night and watch in order to talk about next morning.  we were budding journalists (we thought) and his anti-establishment and raucous handling of guests and topics inspired us all.  all three, in their own right, people of influence and intrigue.

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