i am hard-pressed to come up with the right kinds of words to describe our trip to romania these past two weeks.  not because the trip itself is indescribable.  with the hundreds of pictures and many travelers, we can all come together and simply tell about the trip.  likely, we will do this in the very near future.  what i am talking about is how to describe some events that were experienced in romania that were compounded by more events that have now led many of us to the brink of some serious and strategic decisionmaking.  god is good…but god is also very big and when he delivers some direction it may come with much (these are technical terms, now) wallop and wham.  for example, our time in romania has led to the consideration of the following:

1.  further trips to romania to teach english using world english institute material
2.  working with a population who craves cancer support and education
3.  working with children to teach them english
4.  working with romanian women to teach and demonstrate how they themselves can be productive citizens of society and christ’s kingdom
5.  working with american businessmen as the u.s. airbase at constanta mihail kogalniceanu opens in coming weeks
6.  working with the u.s. military as the u.s. airbase takes shape
7.  possibly planting a church in the village of mihail kogalniceanu
8.  nscofc sponsoring the romanian-albanian workship in jan 2009 in behalf of all missionaries in romania and albania and their sponsoring congregations
9.  further supporting the constanta cofc, as necessary
10.  working with the cofc community of churches in romania through conferences, romanian bible academy, and other venues
11.  taking care of and supporting ady and luma in their work for christ

each of these open doors will require work, money, time, people, and much prayer.  god has boggled our minds with possibilities and potentialities.  it is incredibly humbling to be honored by god by him letting us be part of these profound and provocative initiatives.  may god be with us as we consider, plan, and prepare to possibly step through more open doors.

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