We are home.  It is about 7PM on Tues evening.  As far as we know, Jim and Libby and Nelly are safe and sound.  Malissa called from Greensboro and said that she and LeeAnn made it there on their flight.  And, yes, Regina is home, too.  Thanks for all of your support and prayers and interest.  And a special thanks to our very special Romanian friends.  The last month has been an exceptional and exciting adventure in how God does things with us.  Each of our travelers are examples of courage, tenacity, patience, and service.  Our hosts in Romania are examples of humbleness, hospitality, sincerity, and kindness.  A big thanks to Ady and Luma, especially.  Their sweet spirits and huge hearts make them incredible and Godly people.  So much we owe to them.  It has been an amazing month.  (Picture from inzeeweb.net.  Thanks for keeping up on inzeeweb.net and here on stimple.net.)  Now back (mostly) to our regularly scheduled programming.

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