it is mon morning.  warm outside but comfortable and seasonal.  it is very nice.  so, today is it!  we will make one more run for some items (for those we love the most), have our devotional at 2PM, begin meeting with students at 3pm, have our graduation at 6pm, have some dinner with out students at 7pm, begin packing about 9pm, rest some, then catch our ride to bucharest at 2am on tues morning to catch our flight to zurich at about 7am tues morning out of bucharest.  long day, night, day.  today will be good, though.  meeting with our students for the final time will be the highlight.  packing will be the low-light.  traveling in the middle of the night is…not natural.  we are all healthy.  maybe tired.  yesterday (sun) was stupendous…it can’t get any better than being with friends and acquaintances as christians.  i am sorry for those who can’t experience the power of christian association and accomplishment.  it has been a long trip for us and for team #1 and a long month for ady and luma and the constanta church.  in a few days, all will be back to some state of normalcy.  let’s hope and pray that we don’t forget what god has let us do together and in his name.  this entire operation has been amazing, awesome, and by the grace of god.  pray for us.

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