it is 10:30pm mon night.  we just got in from a long day.  finished up our graduation party a few minutes ago.  so enjoyable.  no one wanted to leave.  many of our students stayed around and enjoyed the pizza and pepsi and Luma cake.  it was a very hot day but it cooled down this evening with a stiff breeze and it made for a very nice evening with friends.  we all took so many pictures.  a few are here.  our graduates were so appreciative and kind.  they were all hot, too, but they got settled in with us and it cooled down and everyone was happy, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.  we now finish our packing, figure out where to put our gifts (for those we love and what was given to us this evening) in our bags, and maybe shower, and maybe nap a bit before we get picked up at 2am on tues morning.  it will be a long tues but, lord willing, we will make it back to wash dc by early afternoon on tues.  this experience has been another one that can’t be described with words.  the way god has worked and used people is beyond anything i have ever seen.  the opportunites opened to us this trip are so many we will have to sort and decide in coming weeks just what we can do.  spoke with the church in cluj this afternoon regarding some future plans…people and churches in romanian are beginning to depend on the churches in constanta and north stafford.  god has opened some huge doors to us…what will we do?  well, a short night and a long day tomorrow.  pray for us.

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