it is about 8am here.  fri.  one group is off to town for a final visit.  another is with children.  and a third is meeting with some american businessmen about some opportunities here (more on that later).  leeann and malissa went with cornelia yesterday and met with a doctor, who was leading a conference here, to discuss how gypsies can and should learn to take care of their own health care.  it is a week long conference with different topics each day.  leeann said the discussion was most excellent and she was able to share much and she also learned much.  she compared the discussions held with the kinds of discussions held in the u.s. about health care for some of our minorities.  sounds very interested.  very excited about all of this.  full load of students on thurs.  very, very hot so anca didn’t make it…she finished work but didn’t feel good so chip came.  anca is pregnant and due on christmas day (or about).  we shared the air conditioning and fans all day yesterday.  unfortunately, today will be the same.  yesterday, ady got a telephone call out of the blue…some american contractors who are now here in advance of the u.s. air base opening up.  they are out of richmond, va.  they wanted to talk with ady about ady working for them as a consultant/contractor to help in their work.  in exchange, they may offer us an apo mailing address and other benefits.  the first wave of u.s. personnel arrive in must a few days with the apo mailing box opening up in about a month.  this offers huge possibilities.  they are interested in using the church facility, possibly.  we will meet with them today about that.  they are interested in seeing how we teach english and how we interact with the community.  anyway, much possibility here.  amazing how god does things.  our students are plowing through the books.  this groups this year, we all agree, is much more profound and willing to ask hard questions and keep us on our toes.  guess god was thinking we were ready for that.  we only hope that we can help out.  cornelia had a meal for some last night…schnitzel.  sica and tony put out quite a spread.  and luma, of course, can’t stop and so kindly serves her best all of the time…last night she prepared “gopher hill cake”.  see the picture.  we still struggle with who we love the most and who will get neat gifts and who will get the postcards upon our return.  we are also considering possibly giving people in the middle t-shirts.  kind of a “love you a lot but not too much” gift.  beth and nick are still iffy…we will have to decide.  all are healthy.  pray for us.

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