phew!  was it hot today.  about 100f.  it also happened to be the day a bunch of us went downtown.  was that rough.  but teo (our fearless and intrepid leader) pushed and cajoled us and we had a great time.  folk art museum, casino, mosque, mosaic roman road, ovidius, bathroom, and other very cool places (not temp…just neat!).  bus ride down and back, too.  all 1, 235 on the bus makes for quite a trip.  but very efficient!  bought gifts on our trip downtown of those of you we love…everyone else get a postcard.  but for those of you we love, we got some really, really, really neat stuff.  you will love us even more.  nelly went to the beach with irena but the sand was so hot they came home.  students students students.  they are all so special.  so many questions that are hard and meaningful.  some of the students do an entire book in one night.  wow!  and some of us won’t even read our bibles for a few minutes each night.  jim led us in a devotional this afternoon.  none of us are quite sure what it was about.  had a good devotional this evening at 8pm with the church.  singing, praying, talking.  also, the groom and bride and their parents were with us in preparation for sat’s wedding.  hoot hoot!  ady has his service and message planned.  it will be special.  some of us are having to get some wedding clothes in that our attire has been deemed NOT acceptable for a wedding.  ugh!  another amazing and very productive day.  pray for us.

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