what a great monday!  we just got in from mamaia.  it is 12AM tues morning.  great meal with tony and sica at a really romantic place…too bad this wasn’t the purpose of our trip!  live music, great food, good friends, and just a most excellent ambiance.  but today was even better.  many students, lots of talk, much discussion, and…er…more students.  everyone here is fine short of a few upset tummies but nothing serious that can’t be fixed with some rest.  we went to tom mall and that was actually very neat.  a mall is a mall is a mall but tom mall was clean, very accessible, and very nice.  may go back.  it had a carrefour supercenter in it so we all shopped till we dropped.  some cool stuff!  embarrassed ady many times by taking pictures of watermelons, toilet paper, soda, bread, the checkout counter, and catfish.  (he actually didn’t want to go to dinner with us tonight…said he was “tired”.  uh-huh.)  our students (i know i am bouncing around but i am very tired) ask many hard questions.  where is god?  why is there evil?  what about infant baptism?  what about yoga?  this is a great place to exercise faith, wisdom, and patience.  nelly gave a great devotional today for everyone.  thanks, nelly.  it is great to be here.  pray for us.

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