1.  the new capitalism in romania is creating a new found sense of desire.

2.  the wonderful irony of the new found wealth in romania is the vision of a very large tractor plowing the fields with two donkey drawn carts standing by with supplies.

3.  the land is vast and rich.  crops, though dry this year and small, can grow almost anywhere.  many of these are people of the earth.  an honest living.

4.  reminded yesterday, again, that the demographic of births in romania is negative.  in other words, the populatin is and will be declining in future years.  this does not bode well for romania and most of europe.

5.  in just a few short years, there is seen much new housing and business and highway construction.  romania’s economy is currently one of the hottest in europe.

6.  people still desire god’s word.  people want to discuss it.  people struggle with it.  our students ask lots of questions about very complex things. 

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