7:30am fri.  we are off to somewhere on the danube.  collecting up everyone by 9am and then up the road about an hour.  we are not going to the same place as team #1 but somewhere else.  honestly, no clue except that it is a nice hotel on the largest lake in romania.  fishing, swimming, birding, resting.  thoughts keep running through my mind of my students yesterday.  all caring, sincere, cordial, hospitable, well-meaning.  yesterday was just one of those days…just so perfect in every way.  it was something of a daze due to time change but it still was meaningful.  i am so anxious to spend time with my new friends and i know that others feel the same. regina and i are team teaching two couples….anca and chip…irena and adi.  anca and chip are great (thanks, beth!).  anca will have her baby in dec around christmas!  irena and adi couldn’t make it but we met them later.  anyway, this will all be very good.  so…a shower and some yogurt and off to…er…somewhere.  actually skyped with the phone company and actually took some camera phone pictures and posted then it quit again.  grrrrr.  but, the backup plan is with my camera (which is fully functional) and will post upon return.  by the way, so good to see cornelia and mimi again, too.  teo is super, too.  they all look great and really good to be with them.  as of last evening, all of us were healthy and a bit tired and are now fully loaded with lei (no more dollars…atm machines work great over here!).

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