end of day 1.  each of us had a busy day.  nelly took care of some very special kids this morning along with libby.  beginning around 3pm, our students began showing up.  most of us didn’t teach but spent our 50 min just getting to know them.  lots of old friends from years past but also some new and great people.  they are all happy, friendly, and eager.  good rain today so had to move a few of the ‘classrooms’ around to stay out of the rain.  temps in the 70f range.  comfortable but supposed to warm up later in the week.  still no luck with the camera phone but taking pictures.  will be leaving for the danube tomorrow (fri) morning so will have to send pictures on sat night upon our return.  it is great over here.  we are happy, our friends here are wonderful, and things couldn’t be much better.  we will be in touch.  glad team #1 finally go home.  be praying for us…regina, malissa, jim, libby, nelly, fred, and leeann.  and, of course, don’t forget the our romanian hosts…they are super.  already too much to eat!

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