i am humbled and empowered all at the same time.  on the one hand, i am greatly humbled that god would see fit to send me and others to romania to teach god’s word.  i still have problems getting my arms around this.  there are actually people with names, families, homes, jobs, and all the complications of life waiting for me to greet them and begin talking with them about bible principles.  it is humbling and i don’t know what to think.  on the other hand, i feel so invigorated and empowered.  and for many of the same reasons.  god trusts me!  god believes i can do this and i find much happiness and satisfaction in knowing that god is going to let me touch the lives of others with his word.  it’s like god has given me a sword to use.  he has given me a tool to tweak lives with.  he has given me my driver’s license.  it is just such a comforting feeling to know that god trusts me.  and finally, i am taking regina.  last year this time she was just waking from a little over one week of drug induced sleep following major heart surgery.  you know the story.  one year ago, regina could not even get out of bed…the therapists and i had to re-teach regina how to rise up out of bed.  but in a few hours from now, regina will be walking into a big ol’ plane and will be jetting off with me and others into who knows what!  maybe we will do this many more times…or just one more time.  but one more time is good enough.  regina deserves this.  she is a miracle girl.  when someone says they can’t do something…i think of regina.  it can be done if you put your mind to it like her and believe that you can.  this year’s trip is a celebration of maybe a few more years of life.  god is good.  so…this trip is one of opportunities, emotions, international friendships, christian friendships, blessings, chances, risks, and faith.  step aside, please.  i am ready…let god begin! 

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