I’d like to believe that people in general are kind and generous and care about people in the world. It is my hope that our seeming indifference (and don’t quote to me statistics about the amount of money Americans or Westerners donate each year to the Developing World) to the suffering and the pain in the world comes from a fundamental ignorance. Yes, we “know” that horrible things are happening in Sudan, and in other places around the world, but that’s different from knowing that it’s happening. Something happens to people who are exposed to that sort of suffering. It’s why the images of David Leeson and James Nachtwey and others are so powerful: they expose the reality of the suffering. There’s a difference between understanding that bombs cause injuries and death, and KNOWING what they can do to a four-year-old girl [Warning: Very Graphic Image..do not view if squeamish!!!]  –  kendallball.com

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