A larger concern for me is “what do we do now?” I know what I do not want to do. I do not want our church building to become a “chapel” – a place for people to come and worship once a week. I do not want our focus to be on the one-hour-per-week worship time. Isn’t that one hour the thing we argue the most about? I have an idea that the reason for this is that it is the predominant hour in our spiritual lives. Reading the New Testament I do not get the idea that the worship hour is to be predominant. I do not want us to be focused on serving only ourselves, loving only our own, and extending friendship only to people just like us. I do not want us to imitate hip and trendy things that other churches are doing in hopes that we will grow like they do. I do not want us to be afraid to try new (for us) ideas that fit our gifts, personality, and ability so that we can minister to people’s needs. I do not want us to ignore the plight of the poor, hungry, divorced, addicted, incarcerated, confused, depressed, blinded, hurt, struggling people around us. How many of these people are in their predicament primarily because they did not know what to do … and in their own wisdom chose the very things that brought them harm?

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