can you believe it!?  it was down to 60f early this morning and right now (8:24am) it is only 64f with an anticipated high today of only 82f!  the sky is clear blue, the humidity is low (for here!), and it is just a perfect and very glorious monday.  and that is saying alot for being monday morning!  i am glad today is starting off this way.  due to some transportation issues (in other words, one vehicle is in the shop for repairs), i am working from home today.  it might sound nice but, actually, it is extremely distracting to be at home trying to write papers and take calls and so forth.  it is very doable and, believe me, i try to make it work but it, nevertheless, is hard.  so…as i wait for the $5,000,000 repair call from the car repair man and attempt to work on real work stuff, i also enjoy, with the door full wide open, a very cool, pretty, and comfortable day outside.  i think even the birds are twittering nicer outside this morning! 

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