just got back from justin’s evening viewing in fredericksburg.  closed casket.  many friends.  many young people.  many older folks.  teachers.  tears and some laughter.  some excellent picture boards of justin and his brother and family over the years.  many very pretty flower arrangements.  some nice fancy cars in the parking lot…justin would have liked them, i suppose.  people just generally being around and together offering encouragement, tears, talk, and some silence.  what one would expect.  so much said about how good justin was.  a nice guy.  a friendly guy.  a fun guy.  a great tennis player.  someone who people liked to like and someone who liked them back.  funeral tomorrow.  i won’t be able to attend but many will, no doubt.  without question, a long and hard week for a lot of people who knew or knew of justin.  i am ok…just sad for all of the sad people.  there are many of them, too.  it is, without a doubt, hard to watch the passing of a young innocent.  may god be with you and yours, justin.  and may god be with those still living as they deal with this loss.

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