a worship assembly is likely many things to many people, isn’t it? for some, it is about meeting god (in a building? at a predetermined time?  with a “service”, of sorts?) in some shape, fashion, or form. for others, it is about fellowship and encouragement. maybe it has something to do with “how much can i get” in this service? if not enough then i am dissatisfied with the service and will blame the preacher and leaders. possibly, it is about “doing church” once a week and taking care of that aspect of my life so i can get on with the other stuff that i need to be taking care of this week. well, honestly, who is to say? we all give and take from an assembly of christians, don’t we? some are able to encourage, edify, and find god.  other times, we may take what is given us in encouragement, edification, and from god and we are thankful or left wanting. maybe our faith is such that assembling with christians in assembly worship is, in fact, just another part of our life and we don’t see it as being any more or any less. all said, i think only god knows what true worship is and can be and when and where and for whom in what circumstances and instances. i think that we, like in all other god-matters, must let our actions and words fall into the “grace” category. we will never assemble completely for the right purposes and at the right times and we will never give enough or be able to take enough…ever. how about this? let’s just assemble and do the best we can with what we have (understanding, faciities, times, people, preaching/teaching, lord’s supper, etc.) and leave the rest up to god? how about we just love and care and show interest and be honest and smart and authentic when we get together as christians? wouldn’t this approach, right off of the bat, make our assemblies more a matter of heart than of personal preference and understanding?

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